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We are

An online marketplace located in Dubai, offering the best quality construction items and tools. Through our platform, we provide industry-grade tools of various ranges and types in order to better your experience.

We sell

  • Construction tools
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Safety tools
  • Power tools and Accessories
  • Cleaning kits
  • Sensors
  • Thermal management machines

We offer

  • Premium quality products
  • Huge range to choose from
  • Easy Bulk purchases
  • Low MOQs on Bulk purchases
  • Free Delivery
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Our vendors are licensed under the Department of Economic Development, Dubai
  • 24x7 customer service

Why us

We know how challenging it can be to start projects without proper help at your disposal. This is exactly why we are going to support you throughout the process. We are perfectly capable of meeting your specific needs. We provide customised solutions to your unique problems and distinctive requirements. We know what you need and when you need it. Let us participate in your journey of creating something new.

Futuristic tech

In Meem Industry, we believe that there is no end to improvement. It is our consistent dedication to innovation and striving for perfection which has led us to outrun our competitors in the global market. Not only are our tools easy to use, but also they are created with cutting-edge ultra-modern technology.

The beauty of innovation is that it speaks for itself. Our tools are all ready to show you what it means to have a top-level professional tool at your hand which executes with perfect precision.

With our help, make your construction experience a smooth, hassle-free journey and a perfect finishing which your project truly deserves.

We deliver

  • High-quality authentic products
  • On-time delivery
  • Super easy bulk purchasing
  • Free shipping
  • Competitive price
  • Easy returns

Our Aim

Our first and foremost aim is to satisfy our customers. When we said we wanted to be there for you in your journey to fulfil your dream project, we meant it. We are here to offer you the much-needed help regarding the most crucial choice you will have to make- the tools and instrument. This is precisely where we come in.

Our mission

We aspire to be your top choice when it comes to industry-level construction materials and tools that are indispensable. We plan to be your favourite platform by providing you with the best quality products at an affordable price.

We don't plan to stop here. We are committed to providing the very support we promised you in the first place. Our consistency in offering top-class services speaks for itself. We would love for our platform to be the perfect crosspoint of customer needs, proper supply and delightful experience post delivery. We want your experience to be as easy and comfortable as possible. This is why we are just a call away. Connect with us for any queries you have for our products.

  • Cleaning tool kit
  • Test Equipment
  • Power tools and accessories
  • Sensors
  • Best Hand tools
  • Top-level IT infrastructure collection
  • Pipes and Gaskets sealants
  • Optical Fiber for telecommunication


We have a huge range of products from a large number of brands. We offer products from brands like FIS, Omron, Dewalt, Siemens, Milwaukee, Makita, Permatex, Loctite, DGP, Dow Corning, Fabory, 3M, Omron and many more.

Cleaning tools

We offer cleaning tools and supplies required for the construction work. Our stock includes ferrule cleaners, lint-free cleaning wipes to specific mechanical devices designed to clean up dust and debris from connectors.

Telecommunication fiber optic products

Fiber optics has completely changed the game of how things used to be in the telecommunication industry. There are a number of reasons for which fiber optics has gained immense popularity.

Why should you go for optical fibre

  • Much lower levels of signal attenuation
  • Comes with a higher bandwidth that facilitates the exchange of data
  • Much lighter in weight
  • Stray interference pickup does not distress fiber optics


We are proud to acknowledge that FIS is our primary Fiber Optics supplier. They offer high-quality products at a competitive price. At the same time, the brand offers a pretty inclusive range of products too.

Some of FIS' product categories are:

  • Cable Assemblies (patch cord)
  • Test equipment
  • Splicing
  • Cable
  • Cleaning tools and kits

Power tools and Accessories

Power tools usually have external power sources which help them to function purposefully and with precision. With power tools, tasks are more appropriately done than the usual hand-held tools. Power tools contribute to finishing the job in a neater manner. With their help, the cuts are cleaner, precise and quick.

We bring to you the very products used and trusted by industry professionals. For power tools, some of our renowned partners are - Makita, Milwaukee and DeWalt.

The Best Hand tools collection

Hand tools are the ones which are operated with the help of manual labour. They are hand-held. We have the best collection of hand-held tools frequently used in construction work.


We also offer a range of sensors. The sensors with cylindrical proximity are available in two types- inductive and capacitive. Our top brands in this section are- IFM and Hubble, Schneider and intermatic.


We provide top-class sealants for your pipes and gaskets. Permatex and Dow Corning are our top brands in this section. Apart from these two, we have the products from Loctite too. Loctite is also recognised for its industry-grade thread lockers and retaining compounds.

Thermal management tool

We provide thermal management as well. In fact, we are the biggest distributor of Pfannberg, our one and only brand in this section.

Electrical relays

We have a large stock of electrical stocks. Our products include general purpose relays, time delay relays, enclosed power relays and latching relays.

Relays are electromechanical switches, usually operated by a magnetic coil. General purpose relays use with AC or DC current at standard voltages such as 12V, 24V, 48V, 120V and 230V, and they can control currents ranging from 2A-30A. These relays are economical, easy to replace and allow a wide range of switch configurations. On the other hand, machine control relays have an advantage over the general purpose one as their functionality can be increased by adding accessories.

Omron and Dayton are our trending brands in this section.

Test equipment

We offer multiple test equipment. For example, on our site, you will find optical polarity verifier used at the end of the production process before going to QC departments to ensure the cables are correctly configured before being performance-tested.

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